Plenary Speaker

Masayoshi Esashi
8:45-9:30 Monday 23rd April 2018

Masayoshi Esashi

Micro System Integration Center (μSIC), Tohoku University, Japan

MEMS on LSI for Heterogeneous Integration and Hands-on Access Fabrication Facility


Heterogeneous integration as MEMS on LSI has been made possible by two methods. One is transferring MEMS on a carrier wafer to an LSI wafer. The other is stacking a MEMS wafer on an LSI wafer using electrical interconnection with a through Si via (TSV). Examples of the former transfer are a piezoelectric MEMS switch on an LSI chip and surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters on an LSI chip for multi-band wireless communication systems. Those of the latter stacking are a tactile sensor network for safe nursing care robot and an active matrix electron emitter array for massive parallel electron beam lithography system. A hands-on access fabrication facility in Tohoku University has been used by more than 200 companies. Companies can easily access and utilize for their prototyping or small-volume production.